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breaking points 2 break thrus

unlocking your physical and mental potential

Far too often people fall short of what they're really capable of, who they're meant to be, or the impact they can have. Whether it's settling with where they are in life, fighting against their own limiting thoughts or self worth, or because they just don't know where to start, this recurring pattern and mindset is robbing you of passion, purpose, fulfillment and joy...




Welcome to Breaking Points to Break Thru's (B2B), a 12 week LIFE SHIFTING program, designed specifically for those who know they want, are built for, and are ready to work for more in their lives. Through our work with the Navy Seals and the Unbeatable Mind team, B2B implements the same skills, lessons and techniques Seal operatives are taught before entering into some of the toughest mental and physical training in the world. By joining this Team, YOU are now given the opportunity to live with a level of focus, confidence, determination, mindfulness, and action that you didn't know was attainable, to be able to live a life that you didn't think possible.

Our mission with this program is to coach, push and support those that want more out of themselves so they're able to give more of themselves. If you feel you're ready to challenge your physical fitness, mental resiliency and emotional strength - to get uncomfortable facing adversity and self limiting fears - to unlock and tap into your true potential - then connect with a coach below to schedule you're qualifying call.

every b2b program includes

- Five challenging workouts per week, specifically designed to progress and challenge your limits over the course of 12 weeks, pushing you to a level of physical fitness you didn't know existed (*pricing options below to perform workouts in person, at home, or at another facility of your choosing)

- One final 'challenge workout' that we will work towards over the course of 12 weeks. In completing this workout that will initially seem "insurmountable", we will prove to ourselves what we're truly capable of, turning thoughts of "I can't do this" into "what can't I do"!

- Weekly "Motivaction Mindset" exercises and follow up to reflect upon, acknowledge and shift our thoughts, habits, ambitions and awareness to be working for us in our pursuit of progress, purpose and passion as opposed to against us

- Three 1 on 1 coaching sessions dedicated to dive into your personal progress, growth, questions and development

- A baseline fitness assessment to properly document our starting point, measure future progress against, and use as a basis for workout prescription

- Progress tracking options including body circumference measurements, and body fat/lean muscle percentages (*pricing options listed below depending on the depth of measurable you prefer)

- Nutritional assessment and review including BMR breakdown, caloric needs, macronutrient analysis, planning and optional meal plan with a registered dietician (*pricing options listed below depending on depth of analysis) 

- Group accountability, communication and community support through the online team chat with the rest of the B2B participants, including 1 Team workout per month (either in person or online)

- Daily individual accountability through our program app, as well as unlimited communication with your coach through phone, email and text messaging

- Referrals to other health care professionals if/when needed, including psychology, physiotherapy, massage and athletic therapy - note, price for these services is not included in the B2B program

b2b program pricing and options

Tier 1

All points listed above with the below options:

- tape measure and caliper body muscle/fat percentages

- basic nutritional tracking, analyzation, review and advice from coach Derek

- 5 online workouts/week: $750 ($250/month)

- 5 in person workouts/week: $1200 ($400/month)

Tier 2

All points listed above with the below options:

- Body Measure DEXA Scans at beginning and end of program***

- basic nutritional tracking, analyzation, review and advice from coach Derek

- 5 online workouts/week: $1000 ($333/month)

- 5 in person workouts/week: $1455 ($485/month)

Tier 3

All points listed above with the below options:

- Body Measure DEXA Scans at beginning and end of program***

- Accurate Resting Metabolic Rate test and review along with specific meal plan from registered dietician

- 5 online workouts/week: $1260 ($420/month)

- 5 in person workouts/week: $1710 ($570/month)

Please note, in Tier 3, up to $450 of the program services can be covered by direct billing with your insurance provider

For more information on the DEXA body scan for body fat, lean muscle mass and bone density percentages, click here

For more information on the Resting Metabolic Rate testing, please click here

"This program changed my life. I was so stuck before, just going through the motions - it's amazing now waking up with this level of energy and passion for life, and the excitement for what's ahead. I'm so grateful to have taken advantage of this opportunity!"
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"This program lives up to the name and the objective! I've lost over 30 lbs, have a COMPLETELY different mindset with my job, goals and relationships, and am living with a confidence, focus and intention I've never experience before." 
"I will NEVER forget how I was 'existing' before - days and weeks drifting by as I sat there with little to no fulfillment in my life: wakeup, work, eat, repeat. That all changed after Derek and the B2B program took the motivation and desire I had deep down inside and gave it a voice - a voice that will no longer be ignored, suppressed, or held back - I am here for a reason, I am fueled by my purpose, and I will NEVER simply 'exist' ever again - I am finally LIVING!"
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