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How we train for fitness, health and wellness forms the foundation of every program at Motivaction. Our physical health directly impacts our mental, emotional and spiritual states, which is why EVERY program has the foundation of sound physical training. It's what we've studied, what we've trained for, and most importantly, it's what we love to do. 

In our Fitness, Training & Health programs, you'll find both in person and online, group and individual options, all built from that same passion. Every program includes and begins with an initial consultation, giving us an opportunity to learn more about each other while making sure we're a good fit. We'll discuss your goals, health history, and any other topics you'd like to address like nutrition, habits, sleep, etc, to confirm what program best suits your health goals.


Wherever you're starting from today, and whether you're looking to improve some strength, lose a few pounds, or work on overall wellness - in our Fitness & Health Programs, all that matters is that you have the will and the commitment to give your best, every single day.

Click on the program links below to learn a little more about each option to see what best fits what you're looking for, or "CONTACT US" to book your free consult and we can walk through it together


program testimonials


"I've grown SO MUCH as a whole person since starting this program. You've helped me discover a completely different mindset and outlook regarding myself and my health, and have helped me find the person -physically AND mentally - that I knew existed deep down, but was always scared to showcase. I am forever grateful for you and this program."


"The physical transformation I've experienced is one thing, but the mental transformation is beyond what I could have every imagined. The workouts, motivation, personal connection, focus and care Derek creates in his program is something I never knew existed, but am forever grateful I found!"



"There is absolutely no way I could have gotten here without your support Derek. And it's not just the weightloss - it's the ability to move, be active, play with my son, and the motivation to continue on knowing HOW GOOD this feels! 'Thank you' does not begin to express the gratitude I have for what you do for us in this program"