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semi private training

Semi Private Training is built for those that are ready to step outside of the comfort zone and put in the effort towards achieving their individual goals, every single day

In this style of training, we take the personalized coaching & accountability from 1 on 1 sessions, and charge it with the energy and atmosphere of group fitness classes, to deliver a unique training experience while producing uncommon results. Every program will contain varying amounts and intensities of strength, power, stamina, cardio, coordination, speed, balance and flexibility, to challenge your unique abilities while achieving the goals that are specific and important to you


Like all of our programs, Motivaction has always held a standard in that it doesn't matter where you're starting at today, rather it is your mindset, approach and willingness to push beyond your perceived limits that sets us apart


If this speaks to you, and you're looking to challenge yourself or make a change in your life, click "CONTACT US" below to setup your consultation today

additional program notes and pricing

- Every member starts with a consultation to get a better understanding of your goals, answer any questions, and ensure we're a good fit. From there we perform a baseline assessment and create a custom program designed specifically for you to ensure you're challenged and progressing every time you enter the gym


- Semi Private sessions are around 1 hr long and run Monday-Friday from 6:00 am to 1:00 pm. You'll have the flexibility to pick workout times/slots that work best with your schedule - they do not need to be the same days/times each day/week/month, however you can set consistent times if desired

- Sessions will run with a maximum of 4 participants at any given time. This is to ensure each individual receives the proper attention, commitment and coaching they deserve each day


 - When booking sessions, you do not need to book with certain individuals, however if you prefer to workout with a partner or come as a group, this can be accommodated 


- Training packages range from $200/month up to $600/month and can be purchased in 3, 6 or 12 month plans. Final price will depend upon monthly commitment and how many sessions per week you require (click CONTACT US for a full breakdown on pricing)

- Additional support like workouts/programming outside of the gym, nutritional information/accountability, measurements, etc are available to all clients at no extra charge. Our goal is to invest our time and resources into you so you can achieve the best results possible. All of these options will be discussed in your consultation

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