Group training - gt

Please note, traditionally offered as an in-person program, our Group Training (GT) sessions have become more flexible to be able to flip to online training as well if need be during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As one of our original performance programs, the energy found in our GT sessions is hard to replicate. If you enjoy an atmosphere where like minded people come together to push their individual limits towards a common goal - you're in the right place.

GT is designed to create a workout experience that balances the components of fitness in a different way each session, so that you are challenged daily to push your physical and mental potential. By taking part in GT, you are on the path to becoming both functionally fit and mentally resilient, so you can operate at a higher level and be ready to excel in whatever life throws your way.

GT sessions currently run on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 pm and memberships can be purchased in monthly ($100/mo), 3 month ($90/mo), 6 month ($80/mo), or 12 month ($69/mo) plans. Click "BOOK GT NOW" if you're ready to get started today, or "CONTACT US" with any additional questions or if you want to try a workout for free.

additional GT program notes

- All equipment is provided at these sessions, just bring water, a sweat towel (if needed) and proper workout attire


- GT memberships include an invitation to our LIVE online home workout on Friday at 6:15 am. If you can not attend, you will also receive a recording of this workout which is sent out immediately following the session so you can slot it into your schedule for whenever is most convenient for you


- The above replay emails will also include a weekly 20-30 minute recorded workout to add as a 4th workout of the week for those that are up for the challenge