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personal training & Personal programming

With over a decade of coaching clients, we've been fortunate to work with, witness and be part of physical accomplishments, mental transformations and lifestyle achievements for many dedicated individuals. However, as much as the certifications, education and history of results supports our personalized programs, the real reason we continue to see results is because we take the time to build rapport and trust with every one of our members.


The goal of our personal training and personalized program division, is to deliver a truly personal experience. Everything from your initial consult, health assessment and tailored sessions/programs, to the genuine conversations and follow ups, they all play a role in building a relationship of honesty, empathy, safety and growth! Only in this way do the coach and client find common ground where complete transparency takes place, and real progress can be achieved. This relationship allows us to be crystal clear on not only your goals or aspirations, but more importantly, WHY IT MATTERS.


Whether done online or in person, 1 on 1 or with a customized program on your own, your personalized training experience will lead you to not only physical success, but help you tap into potential and growth you didn't even know existed.


additional PT/pp program notes

- PT sessions are sold in 3, 6, and 12 month packages, and are run as completely personalized sessions - everything from the workout itself to the attention you receive, it's all structured completely around you and your goals. Pricing varies depending on the number of workouts per week and monthly commitment, so please contact us for an exact breakdown of these options


- Personalized Programs (PP) are designed specifically for you and your goals, while giving you the freedom to do on your own time in your own space. These workouts are planned and adjusted on a weekly basis so as to consistently challenge you, all based around the equipment you have access to


- PP's use weekly check ins to measure progress, discuss nutrition, wins, obstacles and next steps. This program runs on a month to month basis for $150/month

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