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athletic performance

For over 15 years we've been training athletes in a variety of sports, from developmental leagues up to the professional levels. If sport or performance is your passion, aspiration, or profession, you need a focused program, both in and out of the gym, to ensure you're in peak condition at the right time


Every individual in our Athletic Performance division receives dedicated physical and mental programming built around their individual goals, designed improve their specific areas for growth, while further developing areas of proficiency. These programs are structured to ensure you're at your best for when it matters most, and can be run either 1 on 1 with a trainer, or as part of our group performance sessions (pricing discussed in consult depending on depth of your program)

We take great pride in ensuring our athletes are hitting their full potential, however achieving the highest level of condition means we need to have the highest level of commitment - from athlete and trainer alike. To ensure we're the right fit for you and that you're ready to give what it takes to maximize your athletic performance, contact us today to book your initial consultation 

"The best trainer I've ever worked with. I've never felt stronger and more prepared for training camp."
- RaegaN, university of Alberta Pandas
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chet pickard athlete page.png
"so appreciative for the dedicated programming for when i was both in and out of the city. no matter where i was, i was working on things specific to my development - thank you"
- chet, Wolfsburg grizzlies, germany pro hockey league
"It's incredible how much faster I became after just 2 months. his commitment to his athletes is unparalleled, and the success I experienced is a testament to his dedication and hard work"
- ryan - seattle thunderbirds, whl
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"The mental strength I developed while working with Derek and Motivaction is something I always knew I needed, but not how badly I needed it. the confidence I have for whatever lies ahead of me, athletically and personally, is something I've never experienced before!"
- Sandrene - Canton Kangaroos, NEWHL
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