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Group Training Memberships

Group Training, or GT, is designed to give you the full Motivaction experience - training of the body, mind and soul - but through an "in-person' Team platform. Through GT training, we push and challenge our individual selves outside of our comfort zones, all the while contributing to, and leaning on, the energy of the group as a whole! In this program, we continue to make every workout different, while always making sure to blend the elements of strength, stamina, cardiovascular endurance, core strength and stability, balance, speed and coordination together. By doing this, we create a balanced yet versatile program producing incredible results, both inside and out.

Like any program at Motivaction, our goal is to help you discover a physical and mental state where you perform at your best ability each and every day. To do this, it requires commitment on both ends of the program. We're ready to commit to those that are ready to commit to themselves. How about you?

Our GT Memberships can be purchases in 3 or 6 month installments, and each of them include:


  • Access to Motivaction Team newsletter, communication, Facebook group, challenges and program updates

  • 30 minute FREE consultation to discuss workout history, goals, nutrition, activity outside of program, injuries, mobility, etc

  • 2 Weekly in person workouts - either Monday and Wednesday's at 5:30 pm at Crescentwood Community Center, or Monday and Friday's at 2:00 pm in Charleswood.

  • 1 Weekly invitation (and/or video recording if live doesn't work for you) to our 6:15am Friday or 12:30pm Wednesday online Live workout

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