what lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you

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train - perform - live
with a purpose




Eradicate the common mindset of just "existing", "getting by" or "settling" in life

DEDICATE our focus to supporting, CHALENGING and coaching MOTIVATED individuals to build an UNCOMMON level of physical and mental strength they didn’t think attainable, to LIVE a life they didn't know possible


Through daily commitment, practice and training, we want to build a TEAM of LEADERS that welcomes the challenge of personal growth, and continually strive towards maximizing our individual potential and fulfilling our PURPOSE

In this way, and at the heart of all we do, we use our skills, talents and effort to SERVE as best we can. thereby truly living a FULL-FILLED life - becoming not only who we want to be, but who we are meant to be



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MOtivaction programs

the experts in Human performance

Every day, you are required to PERFORM - in relationships, jobs, family, sport, your community, etc, and how you approach, act, and perform in these moments, dictates the kind of life you will have. It is for this reason, Motivaction Training delivers 3 different performance programs, each designed to support your specific goals, while challenging you to tap into a level of potential, purpose and growth unknown to most people, and uncommon in this world. 


Whether as an individual or a group, and regardless of where you're starting today, these programs are DEDICATED to those that are COMMITTED to bring their best, so they can perform at their best, in all areas of life.


For those that are tired of just "getting by", APEX is a physical, mental and emotional transformative experience that combines over 15 years of performance training with Navy Seal mindset coaching, so you can live each day with the purpose, passion and fulfillment you deserve

Training is different for every athlete at every level, and with over a decade of experience training high performance athletes, we customize each individual's program so they're ready to perform, physically and mentally, when it matters most

Providing the challenges and accountability to take your fitness to another level, lose a little weight, change some habits, or get you functionally ready for the hurdles and goals of every day life

Read more about our programs by clicking through above, or contact a coach below to make sure we're a good fit for what you want to achieve! 


what people are saying

"Derek has a passion for physical fitness and mental health & resiliency that stands out above anyone else. His workouts will give you an intense sweat but are fun, challenging, and you always leave with a sense of accomplishment."

"I'm so impressed with how adaptable he is to different levels of strength, experience, motivation, and/or injury."

"Derek empowers his clients by providing the tools they need to achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals. I highly recommend his services."

"Derek is a natural leader with a unique ability to push others to their limits in a highly encouraging manner. His programs are tailored to each individual's fitness level and lifestyle"
"I loved and am so impressed with your creativity in the workouts. They were always interesting, uniquely and surprisingly challenging. There was a large variety to them and always kept me interested"


Derek Poplawski

Bachelor of Kinesiology

Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Unbeatable Mind Coach, Group Strength Instructor

Sports Nutrition Certificate

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