online Home Program - HP

Our Home Program (HP) Membership takes your in-person workout experience and delivers it from the safety of your own home. Designed for those that are looking to challenge themselves and improve their overall fitness, HP consists of three 60 minute and one 30 minute online workouts every week. 


Every workout balances and blends the components of fitness into an ever changing and challenging program. This is done to stimulate the body and mind with new workouts every day, so we become functionally fit, strong, stable and ready for whatever life throws out way..


HP memberships are offered in monthly ($60/mo), 3 month ($56/mo), 6 month ($50/mo) and 12 month ($44/mo) options. If you're ready to get started, click "BOOK HP NOW" or "CONTACT US" with any additional questions

additional HP program notes

- Live workouts take place on Mon/Wed/Fri at 6:15 am, with a recording of the workout being sent out immediately following the session, so you can slot it into your schedule for whenever is most convenient for you


- A weekly 20-30 minute workout is included in each recording email to add as a 4th workout of the week for those that are up for the challenge


- Each workout offers varying intensities and exercise modifications so you can challenge yourself accordingly


- Dumbbells or elastic bands are the only pieces of equipment needed - if you don't have either, contact us to purchase bands at cost for when you get started
- Accountability check-ins take place after each workout to help keep you on track, measure progress and support wherever needed